If you want to move a pool table yourself, learning what to do will be your initial step. It will involve you completely disassembling a pool table, doing some heavy lifting with some strong people, and then installing it while getting it absolutely level. While you could possibly take on the job of getting a pool table moved with some help, you should consider hiring professionals. Seattle Pool Table Movers has outstanding installers who have moved every type of billiard table from complex ball return tables to simple furniture style tables. We have the professional knowledge to carefully take it apart, label, and pack every important part and then re-assemble the table into your home.

Doing It Yourself Tactic

Doing it yourself is an option. You just need to be handy, systematic person, which has above average mechanical skills, a few strong friends, and some tools. Really, billiard tables are heavy. The main surface is made from rock. Also, keep in mind that taking it apart is much more complicated than it might seem. Its more complicated than a simple piece of furniture. Removing the felt from the slate is a complicated process that may leave a person tearing their hair out. Putting it back on is every bit as complicated. A pool table is presumably one of the most difficult things you can have to move. It’s heavy, bulky, wide, and surprisingly delicate.

This DIY tactic could have a dangerous affect to you and to the pool table. It is common to make the mistake of attempting to treat it like a dresser or sofa by calling several friends to help, and then twisting it every which way in order to fit in the door. Unfortunately, these maneuvers often result in injury to you or any of your buddies, and you can also damage the surface or even break a part. If you really want to know how to properly move a pool table, the steps are below. Read thoroughly and carefully. Seattle Pool Table Movers will direct you through this process.