A lot of people who are reading this article already know the right answer, but for those who don’t, please allow me to explain. First, a pool table weighs somewhere between 800 to 1000 lbs. The slate of the pool table is quite brittle and if it is dropped, it will most certainly break. One more reason is just like other professions, the hiring of a professional is a great idea since they are highly experienced at their job and you have no experience at it. A good quality pool table installer will do the job correctly and fix any problems with a pool table that the owners often don’t even get to see. An example of this is a billiard table that I moved recently. This billiard table had screws that broke inside the cabinet as we were trying to remove the slate. We ended up needing to breaking off the screws and made sure that when installed the next time, the new screws went into the new holes in the table cabinet. Additionally, the screw-holes on this particular pool table barely reached the cabinet (they were too wide). One of the ends had the screw pushing out on the exterior wood so that it visibly pushed out the finished wood on the cabinet. The previous pool table installers used thin screws in order to get the screws into the billiard table cabinet. To get the table more stable, we had to get each piece of the slate moved over and we drilled a couple of new screw holes and that fixed the problem. Now this example is of a poorly manufactured table but the point of this page is that there can be numerous complications that can and do occur and a pro has seen them before and knows exactly what to do most of the time. Other important reasons to hire a professional pool table mover are to stretch the felt correctly, get the geometry correct, get the drop pockets on straight, and recovering the rails with no wrinkles. Even though this all is very important, the most important part of hiring a professional pool table mover like Seattle Pool Table Movers is because it takes a great amount of skill to get your billiard table level. Gravity does not lie and if you don’t get the pool table level, your pool balls will roll one way or the other and family / friends will notice it when they play a game. At Seattle Pool Table Movers, we are true professionals and have seen anything and everything when it comes to pool tables. One more quality that we have is that we don’t constatly try to make more profit off of our customers. Several pool table moving companies will constantly try to up sell you and tell you that you need new bumpers, felt, etc. when that isn’t always the case. We care about every one of our customers and want to give them an excellent high quality service. – Seattle Pool Table Movers